Rob Poulos 'Fat Burning' system is a complete book describing how to lose fat and gain muscle for better health, more energy and look better! It also provides access to online resources such as recipes and exercise tips, some planning tools and ongoing support through a newsletter.

Your metabolism is the process of your body to convert the food we eat into energy. During the process, calories are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs. Even when at rest, it takes energy to breathe, pump blood, regulating hormones, and replace cells. Your resting metabolic rate or RMR, is the rate that the body converts calories into energy.

Fat Burning Furnace program allows your body to burn more calories, more efficient - a "high" - by increasing your resting metabolic rate through a combination of diet and exercise. short but intense workouts burn fat and gain lean muscle, the right foods provide good nutrition and help burn fat. The guide book is a very well written and detailed. Includes everything you need to know to follow the system, basically, the following simple rules about nutrition and effective exercise program. Fat Burning Nutrition

In The Burning Fat, Rob discusses proper nutrition and what to eat to maximize fat loss. Talk a little about why not recommend fad diets, why not work and why they often gain weight back after dieting trick. Fat Burning guide then provides a simple and easy to watch your diet to ensure you are getting the kind of nutrition. It will teach you to "activate" the oven foods your body burns fat and foods that do the opposite and tell your body to store fat, so you can eat more of the former and avoid the other. examples of meal plans are included.

Fat Burning Furnace involve only weight training, no special equipment and can be completed in just 20-25 minutes a day, 3 times a week to start, then only 2 times per week later in the program .

The main objective of the scheme is to perform a full body workout, completing specific exercises. What is most unique about training is speed: the exercises very slowly to maximize the results they produce at the same time totally exhausting your muscles out. This also means you only have to do a set of exercises for each workout, as opposed to 3 or more sets of repetitions of most training programs require, so you can complete effective training more quickly.

clear instructions on how to perform each of the fat burning furnace exercises included in the directory with the pictures. A DVD is also available, which is much wider. The guide has a 'break in' routine for those who have not exercised in years, then a beginner, plan for intermediate and advanced training that can be worked through.

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