Explore a few years ago, to try to improve my specialty, natural methods and less aggressive than the classic, I met some of the studies of Dr. William H. Bates performed from 1880.

Dr. Bates was an ophthalmologist in New York City, some remarkable discoveries (some of these capabilities are still being) done.

Let me see a brief explanation of the method of Dr. Bates, you know that it's important ...

Dr. Bates found that the eyeball changes shape constantly, because their conditions and environment are constantly changing.

If the eye changes shape, it also changes the shape of your lens, and if a lens distortion, we have a refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, for example).

Good vision on the effectiveness and efficiency of the eye in this adaptation is based on these changes and permanent.

The use of glasses or contact lenses on vision, as it escapes the eye of your property or natural adaptation to change.

To see this clearly, we use an example: sunglasses when outside use, but entering a confined space, a naturally eliminate the need of the lens. With the use of glasses, is similar, it's like "forced" to wear their sunglasses even indoors and in low light. This way, you strain your eyes without knowing it, and therefore the refractive error continues.

The elimination of eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct vision, because with them, causing further damage to vision.

One could say that if the use of glasses or contact lenses bad for the eyes, does not the individual use of a clear vision. So what should you do?

The proposed solution is, in his study, Dr. Bates, he would be obliged to accept a temporary blurred vision, and you will be better in his vision. But in the meantime should not pollute the eyes to see clearly. You will clearly see after his eyes have adapted to the environment and your vision is, of course, and not until that improves.
Dr. Bates method is simple: You have the eye to relax the course work, and this will allow you to be more accommodating to the constant changes.

Bates's theory held that if the broken bones were sealed, of course, the same could be done Vision Without Glasses program . And what would happen with rest and exercise.

Can you imagine what led Dr. Bates and his attitude towards the traditional optics community at the time. For constant pressure, had to abandon his profession, but continued his studies and confirms that people with low vision may return to normal levels, without needing glasses.

The discovery of this information practically changed my life, and led me to neglect my business profitable optical devote myself for the past 7 years, the study and improvement of this process.

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