"The 5 myths about bad breath"

Myth 1: Bad breath is caused by poor hygiene.
According to the figures you accept, bad breath is a problem that up to 90% of the population, to some extent. But despite the popular belief in most cases not caused by poor oral hygiene. A very small percentage of cases may be, but the vast majority do not.
This is the most common myth about the problem. However, most people who suffer from bad breath have excellent hygiene bacause based on this misunderstanding, to make the biggest problem of them, but shrubs and bushes and gargle and floss to try to rid of him. This is a futile effort, if (and in some cases may actually worsen the problem because many toothpastes and mouthwashes ingredients that really make for bad breath product  to be more in the long run!).

Myth 2: treatment of halitosis requires expensive products.
While most of the coverage up to hide the problem, a number of very effective products on the market which is to tackle the root causes of bad breath. However, they are very expensive. Some of them cost less than $ 100.00 per month, effectively forever! If you can afford it, great, but most of them are actually the same (or similar) ingredients as effective home remedies described in the report about bad breath (and usually you get your sub local supermarkets!)

Myth 3: Bad breath can not be cured - only masked.
Temporarily mask bad breath with peppermint and sprays can significantly worsen your problem. Ingredients to create a welcoming environment for bacteria in the mouth, which is exactly the opposite of what you should do to really push the issue. By using products like these to tackle the symptoms of bad breath, you just make it worse. It is necessary to address the causes of halitosis, instead.

Myth 4: Bad breath occurs in the stomach.
A few years ago there was much hype about pills that claim to cure bad breath in the stomach. However, manufacturers of these pills were almost through legal means by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for misrepresentation destroyed. In summary, it is completely wrong: Although there are some relatively rare diseases that produce odors of the stomach have to do is the cause of most cases of bad breath (90% +) is very different.

Myth 5: There is a remedy in a moment of bad breath.
It takes time to develop a bad breath problem. This does not happen overnight. There are a number of factors combine to progressively. Similarly, while eliminating odors quickly in a few days time to repair the damage, and the environment in your mouth to change that micro-organisms that cause most cases of bad love and encouragement hate to survive and prosper can not
Quickly on the recommendations of the report of bad breath, most people get rid of your problem. However, pause, and then when you fall back into old habits and old ways of the end, there should be no surprise that appear to come start the "old problem" (ie bad breath), to hour.

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