While understanding how to cook with a cooking method rather than following a recipe, it is also important to get cooking tips that help rather than confuse. One reason for cooking can be difficult or even a little intimidating is the result of guessing.

1. I guess cooking is bad

Let me give you an example. In my early days of cooking for a living, I worked with a chef who said, "Todd, you can not put too much butter in the hollandaise sauce." The problem is I do not know if I was struggling to put too much butter in the hollandaise sauce or if I have to charge the butter. Finally, I had no idea if I would be able to make the sauce to taste.

Guess not know if it will succeed is stressful! Stress can increase the fear of cooking that can not cook and should be easy Anabolic Cooking

* Have you ever been surprised by the results of your kitchen?
* Is your food with out terribly wrong?
* Perhaps, occasionally, food simply cooked unexpectedly large?

These are the results of riddles. Perhaps you guess the following reasons:

* You do not know how their food is received.
* There is no experience or confidence with the presentation of the food.
* You feel a responsibility when you cook what you feel you can defraud the cooking.

So when you cook, you are constantly second-guessing yourself. Maybe because you cook the ingredients that have not worked before. What in the world does ...

* A cooked Brussels sprouts look like?
* Swordfish cooked completely?
* A person does with eggplant?

Just make a person terrified!

2. Guessing leads to inconsistent results and surprise

* Have you ever been cooking rice during boiling and you think you need more rice? Were you surprised when the rice was done and some of the rice was crunchy?
* What about converting a section and again during frying?
* Are you cutting your steaks or burgers test to see if done right?

3. Riddle can not be duplicated

If you have prepared a good meal, you know how? What if you tried to play it and it was not as good the next time? Now you have even less confidence and start guessing more!

I want to help stop guessing your kitchen and gain the confidence to have excellent results every time. I want to make cooking easier for you and give you tips that will make your kitchen everytime you cook.

I want to start with this advice: In your kitchen tonight, try to take note of the actions of guessing and start thinking about ways to quantify your kitchen in the future.

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